The project

LAWrider is an international youth initiative based on the proposition of highschool students is realised in the partnership of Asociata VOX NOVUM from Romania, Koordinacija Udruga Mladih Siska (SKWHAT) from Croatia and Creative Elephant Studio Kft. from Hungary with the continuous cooperation of young people and other associations between 01/02/2016 - 31/03/2017.

Target group:
First of all highschool students and highschool students who created 10 skatchfilm series (each episodes are 10­-15 min long) about human rights in an international cooperation and 10 lesson plans related to the films which was widely distributed online and offline format across Europe.

Further target group:
teachers, youth workers interested in human rights, human rights organizations who have contributed to the dissemination, sustainability and further development of the project results. During the project the young people received all the professional and mentoring support.

6 weekly-­based drama and film workshop, which provide long-term continuation, learning and creative opportunities for the participants, and for the later joining youth people.

human rights education especially for secondary school students
Dissemination of the widely spread human rights articles and using art for the creative process
Cooperation in the balance of duties, obligations and human rights
Creativity, developing the “Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship” key competence
Development, education of the youth, help of their education, make them more sensitive to their peers and society
Global understanding

International dimension:
Internationality, cultural awareness
Strengthening the cooperation between participants and youth organizations
Erase the pyhsical borders in the heads between the involved young people and professionals
acceptance, tolerance, understanding
Strengthening cross-border cooperations

Our projectpartners:
SKWHAT (Croatia) and Asociatia VOX NOVUM (Romania): film making, acting, youth work

Our cooperating organisations:
D2 Ifjúsági Fejlesztő- és Médiaközpont: youth work
Belvárosi Mozi: consulting about film and cinema questions
Szegedi Egyetemi Színház: possibility of consultation about drama questions
Motiváció Oktatási Egyesület: involvement and addressing of disadvanteged youth people

Online, offline coordinating activity per month: coordinating discussion, evaluation, projekt discussion, conservations, collecting competencies Film workshop: script writing, development, characters, development of characters, classification of film genres, choosing (of) the right place(s for the shots , technical knowledge (using the camera, camera equipments, sound and voice recording and so on) Drama workshop: improvisation and acting practice, preparing for the shoots, on-site trials Plenary meetings: discussions, evaluations, youth work; 4 offline International Plenary Meetings (get to know sessions and human rights training, Midterm Evaluation, Three-Quarterly Evaluation, LAWrider Final Show- final event) national plenary meetings according to timetable Team building activities Human rights training Production management Shooting Post-production: cutting, after effects, subtitle, logo Dissemination activities, dissemination, special school lessons Making lessonplans for short films Additional activities to the project, human rights flashmob, LAWrider inspired themes (report, video clip)

Effect on Participants: They have extensive knowledge of human rights, their positive attitudes towards human rights have been strengthened. They have gained competencies that help in adult life. They have learned to work in a team, their self-knowledge has evolved, their creative skills have strengthened. They have worked as part of an international team and experienced that borders are not an obstacle to cooperation. Their euroregional identity has strengthened. They became proactive, initiating people. They have been built relationships, which may later have an influence on their lives. They could deepen in the cinematic and theatrical career, and they could base their future career.

Effect on Organisations: Get to know each other's activities, generating common projects, and helping each other in the future. He has gained experience in youth work and international co-operation. They have a voluntary youth base. Workshops were created.

Effect on target groups: New methodological material was added, and teachers received additional non-formal educational materials. Members of the youth group understood the issue of human rights and became more sensitive to the subject. They were given opportunity, who interested in film making and acting, to join in a well-established workshop.

Effect on others: Making more relationships, increasing the number of young people involved in their activities and increasing their profile, were part of a positive initiative that grew in the positive attitudes of their target group. Strengthening and strengthening of knowledge, attitudes and rights related to human rights.

For furter information take the contact with the coordinators: Dóra Csóti-Gyapjas and Gábor Balla.


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